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Conceal Carry in Your Car

It’s important to know that you will not have a problem with conceal carry in your car in the state where you got your concealed carry permit. Where people run into problems is when they drive their car out of the issuing state where they got their permit. Always make sure the permit that you carry is valid [...]

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Murder Rates Drop as Concealed Carry Rates Increase

Noting the rates of concealed carry holders per 100,000 population as compared to the murder rate per 100,000 from 1998 to 2014 research discovered that murder rates have dropped while concealed carry holders have increased. The percent of adult population per 100,000 having CC permits in 1998 was about 1.3, while the murder rate was about 5.75 per 100,000 population. [...]

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Buying Your Pistol When You Don't Have Experience

If you don't have experience with weapons you should depend on someone else's expertise in order to make your first purchase of a concealed carry pistol. It's not a real good idea to just walk into a gun store to pick out a pistol when you don't know anything about them in the first place. Before you visit the gun [...]

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Light Is a Good Way to Thwart an Attacker

Light is a good way to help thwart an attacker after dark. If you have to go to your car in a dark parking garage or on a dark street, keep a bright light for protection available to light up your surroundings. Along with your concealed carry pistol you should have a small by very bright [...]

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Your Gun Can't Protect You If It Isn't On You

The most important aspect of handgun ownership is education—hands down. Education promotes safety, but it also increases awareness of how to effectively use your handgun to save your life—an aspect of ownership of which some have surprisingly little awareness. For  example, a recent national study by and Harvard Injury Control Research Center, indicates that while 77% of female gun owners purchased their [...]

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When Involving Authorities Doesn't Help

Stalking is defined as consistent contact by an unwanted party in a manner that causes feelings of fear in the victims, who rarely comprehend the intentions of their stalkers. Seemingly inconsequential, repeated contact by another person can quickly escalate into a harmful situation The real issue, however, is that according to a study by the U. S. Department of Justice, [...]

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​Vary Your Concealed Carry Bag from Day-to-Day

Many women appreciate the flexibility of being able to change their handbag as they change their outfits—day-to-day. However, when you have a concealed carry permit you also want to be mindful of the ability to change the way you carry your concealed weapon. For certain outfits you might want to carry your weapon in an over-the-shoulder bag. For others, you [...]

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College Carrying Coeds

On a college campus of roughly 10,000 female students, approximately 300 sexual assaults on women occur within a 9 month period. Considering that an additional 80 to 90 of these crimes are never reported due to the fact that the victim and assailant know one another, this number is staggering. As more colleges allow students with permits to carry concealed weapons [...]

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When a Habit Can Hurt

Pauline is a consistent and steady person. She grocery shops at the same store every week, at about the same time, and parks her car near the same spot. Her predictability normally serves her well, until one night it tragically allowed her to become part of a statistic. Pauline was raped and severely beaten inside her own vehicle in the [...]

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Protection When You and Others Need it

An armed man entered a Dollar General store one afternoon, waved his gun in the air and threatened to kill everyone in the store. He held a cashier and a customer at gunpoint and ushered them toward a break room area. A customer carrying a concealed handgun then defeated the threat with a single shot. [...]

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