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Proficiency from Concealed Carry Weapon

Everton Mosby, 24, was approached by two men outside of his home around 2 a.m. They forced Mosby inside the home where they beat him. During the assault, Mosby was able to pull out his concealed firearm. He fired at his attackers, striking both of them. One suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The [...]

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Concealed Carry Citizen Is Observant

Matt Dosser was walking by a neighborhood market around 9:30 p.m. when he witnessed two men pounding on the window, trying to get in. The owner of the market, Mohamed Ahmed, was inside screaming for help. Dosser said, “At first, nothing made sense, then I saw the gun.” Dosser realized that the two men had [...]

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Concerned Citizen with Concealed Carry Reacts

Krick’s Korner, a local Pennsylvania convenience store, was open around 2 p.m. when two men wearing masks entered. They held the store clerk at gunpoint and demanded money, cigarettes and lottery tickets. Meanwhile, a man exiting a nearby apartment building saw the robbery taking place. He quickly drew his concealed firearm and ordered the robbers [...]

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When I Hear Stuff Like This, It Makes Me Sick!

A 23-year-old lady was home with her 2 kids about noon on a Tuesday in January.  She heard a knock at the door.  Looking through the peep-hole she saw a man that she did not know standing on her front porch.  She did not open the door.  The man proceeded to kick-in the door to [...]

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How Stable Is Your Conceal Carry Method?

When you got your concealed carry permit it did not tell you "how" to carry your concealed weapon, it just said that you have to have it concealed from the view of others.  Some folks think that they can just stick their pistol into their purse and that will be the best way to carry [...]

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Mindset Is Important When You Concealed Carry

You may think that you have the right mindset to carry a concealed weapon.  But you might want to consider some thoughts that come to mind when you start to carry concealed.  You have to have a clear head about the responsibility you are undertaking when you have that concealed weapon on your person.  It [...]

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Planning to Carry Concealed is Your First Step

Before you start to carry a concealed weapon you will need to do some planning and perform some required tasks before you can legally keep that weapon on you person or in your handbag.  If you have never fired a pistol before you will need to contact a certified firearms instructor when you are planning [...]

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Be Wary If You Have a Concealed Handgun Purse

As a woman who carries a handbag you already know that you need to protect your handbag and keep it close by.  This concept is most important when you have a concealed handgun purse in which you have a weapon.  Most of the CC handbags that you can get today are designed to help you [...]

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Flashbang Holster - Top of Concealed Carry Holsters

There are lots of concealed carry holsters out there, but It is not hard to understand why the Flashbang holster is the top one.  It has all the attributes that women want in a holster for self protection.  First of all, it is worn on the body.  Right next to the body in fact.  The [...]

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More Traditional Concealed Carry Options

Some women are interested in a more traditional concealed carry options to carry a pistol for their personal protection.  There are now some excellent options for carrying your weapon in a fashionable purse or handbag. All of these options allow you to carry your weapon very discreetly and give you immediate access to your concealed [...]

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