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"On" or "Off" Your Person Methods of Concealed Carry

You have a weapon that you have a concealed carry permit for and you want to carry it for self-protection.  You have two options from which you can select to carry your weapon, to carry on your person or off.  Both methods will give you complete concealment of your weapon, but afford you immediate access [...]

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Impacts of Concealed Carry for Women

You may be trying to decide what kind of weapon to purchase as a concealed carry weapon for your self protection. When you are evaluating weapons there are some thoughts you might have in order to help you decide which one is best for you. You should evaluate the size of the weapon that you [...]

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Concealed Carry Needs Practice with Your Pistol!

Some people think that you can just get a weapon and a concealed carry holster and you are ready for efficient self-protection. This is not even close to reality!  Before you start carrying a concealed pistol in public you need to practice with your pistol. Do it until your arm drops off!  This means you [...]

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Concealed Carry Holsters Give Women Confidence

As a women you can gain self-confidence and self-protection from carrying a concealed weapon.  There are several small semi-automatic weapons that are ideal for this.  Once you have selected a weapon you need a holster with which you concealed carry your weapon.  Our most popular holster for this is the Flashbang.  It allows you to [...]

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Gun Holsters Designed for Women

Women no longer have to put up with the holster designs that are intended for men.  The larger, bulky designs have been replaced with stylish designs that fit close to the body of a woman.  These are made to be an exact fit for the weapon that you carry.  Gun holsters for women have made [...]

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Women Have The Right to Concealed Carry

The incident of a woman being attacked in the parking lot of a shopping center is a great time for self-protection to come to the forefront.  It has happened too often in cities across America. A woman is pushing a basket to her car, loaded down with groceries. An attacker is watching to find a [...]

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Young Women Should Consider Concealed Carry

As a young professional woman living in a metropolitan area, you should consider the carrying a concealed weapon for your personal safety.  You might not know what is necessary to get the permit to do this, but I assure you the effort is very small in comparison to the safety and confidence you can derive [...]

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Decision to Carry a Concealed Weapon

The decision to carry a concealed weapon is not something that you should take lightly.  You need to make a very important decision BEFORE you put on that holster.  This decision can change your life and the lives of others, so you need to know the answer in advance.  Are you ready to use your [...]

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Variations of Concealed Carry for Women

It is important to consider many variables when you are going to carry a concealed weapon. Some variables have a great deal of influence on whether your weapon is visible or not and other variables only slightly effect whether your concealed weapon is visible.  Concealed carry for women is influenced by fashion, style, personal desires, [...]

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Self Protection for Women

We are almost finished with the new website.  We hope you will be able to find some useful products on our site that can help you with self protection.  We intend to offer holsters, gun belts and accessories for women that will give them the edge that they need to prevent and defend against attacks [...]

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