Be Wary If You Have a Concealed Handgun Purse

Posted by John Mitchell on 12th Feb 2014

Being Very Astute is a Trait You Need to Develop

As a woman who carries a handbag you already know that you need to protect your handbag and keep it close by.  This concept is most important when you have a concealed handgun purse in which you have a weapon.  Most of the CC handbags that you can get today are designed to help you with keeping the bag close to your body.  They don't usually have handles that are strictly designed just to carry the bag with your hand.  There are some limited exceptions to this, but mostly they have handles so that you can carry your bag as an  over-the-shoulder or as a crossbody.   This means if you carry the bag as an over-the-shoulder then it is tucked up under your arm with the straps over your shoulder and you can press the bag to your body for close access under your arm.  If you carry the bag as a crossbody then you have the bag strap going across your body from the right or left shoulder so the bag is at your waist on your left side or vice versa.  The straps on any concealed handgun purse are reinforced with steel wire so that some ruffian cannot slip a knife into it and slice it away from you by cutting the strap or just grab it and break the straps by yanking them. One of the thoughts you need to have when you start carrying concealed in a handbag is that it is important to NOT put your bag into the child's seat of a grocery basket when you are shopping and wander off captivated by merchandise.  If you do you are asking for trouble.

Be always cognizant that  the concealed carry handbag has a purpose that is more than just carrying your everyday items, but it is also a way to protect you, so you do not need to let others have ready access to it.