Complacency is a Problem in Concealed Carry

Posted by John Mitchell on 10th Mar 2017

Become Very Attentive If You Concealed Carry

If you concealed carry then complacency is your enemy.  

  • Practice with your pistol. - Setup a schedule to go to the range and practice with your pistol. If you don't practice you will loose your skills with the pistol
  • Studiously watch your surroundings. - Know and understand where you are, peripheral vision is important to develop, it helps you know what is going on around you
  • Keep your pistol clean. - Keep your pistol in working order. You have to clean it occasionally. If you fire it in practice and don't clean it, then it may let you down when you really need it
  • Carry your pistol everyday.  - Get in the habit of carrying your pistol everyday. Your pistol can't help if you are not carrying it

You will be much better off to practice these necessary actions!