Concealed Carry Needs Practice with Your Pistol!

Posted by John Mitchell on 13th Jun 2013

Professional Training Gets You Ready for Concealed Carry

Some people think that you can just get a weapon and a concealed carry holster and you are ready for efficient self-protection. This is not even close to reality!  Before you start carrying a concealed pistol in public you need to practice with your pistol. Do it until your arm drops off!  This means you will need to get some professional instruction in how to use your weapon that is concealed.  Contact a profession instructor through your local certified gun range to find the names of valid certified instructors.  Make an appointment with one of them to get proper instruction.  Depending on where you are you will be may required to get extensive training to obtain your concealed carry permit.  This is a good thing!  The last thing that you or anyone wants to happen is for you to try to use your gun for defense and end up hurting yourself or an innocent bystander.  After and during the instruction the name of the game should be practice, practice, practice.  Then when you finish that practice some more!  Taking this concealed carry situation seriously is very important.