Flashbang Holster - Top of Concealed Carry Holsters

Posted by John Mitchell on 7th Feb 2014

There are lots of concealed carry holsters out there, but It is not hard to understand why the Flashbang holster is the top one.  It has all the attributes that women want in a holster for self protection.  First of all, it is worn on the body.  Right next to the body in fact.  The comfort level with this holster is outstanding.  Most women say that after a period of wearing it they cannot tell that they have it on!  Second the access to your weapon in a time when self defense is needed is super fast.  Have you watched the videos of the training to draw from this holster!  The times are in the 1.5 to 2.0 second range to draw the weapon and fire it with accuracy.  The holster is designed by women for women to hold the weapon that it was designed for. It does that very well.  As a woman carrying as concealed weapon you cannot go wrong with this holster, it is the best on the market today!