How Stable Is Your Conceal Carry Method?

Posted by John Mitchell on 18th Feb 2014

Use a Stable Method to Concealed Carry

When you got your concealed carry permit it did not tell you "how" to carry your concealed weapon, it just said that you have to have it concealed from the view of others.  Some folks think that they can just stick their pistol into their purse and that will be the best way to carry it.  That is far from the truth and in fact that can be a very dangerous practice.  

Suppose you drop your pistol into your bag and later it gets tangled with the other "stuff" you have in there like pens, lipstick holders, and a bunch of other stuff.  Any of those things that are moving around in your purse could get lodged in the trigger guard of your pistol.  You might be able to guess what could happen next. You either end up shooting your self or someone nearby you.  Besides, some of the purse contents that I have seen some women carry turns out to be very jumbled.  It would be very difficult for them to draw a weapon from that accurately.  Neither is it a good idea to put a pistol into your pocket for the same reasons.  It is simply too dangerous.  It is very inefficient to draw when you need to and you could accidentally shoot someone because of the instability of your method of carry.

It is a much safer practice to carry your weapon in the compartment of a  concealed carry purse that is designed for that.  You will have very ready access to your weapon when you need it.  You will be able to conceal carry your weapon safely in a compartment that is designed to keep your pistol stable.