Impacts of Concealed Carry for Women

Posted by John Mitchell on 2nd Jul 2013

Physical Characteristics Can Dictate Your Pistol Choice

You may be trying to decide what kind of weapon to purchase as a concealed carry weapon for your self protection. When you are evaluating weapons there are some thoughts you might have in order to help you decide which one is best for you. You should evaluate the size of the weapon that you wish to purchase. The larger the pistol, the heavier the pistol, and the harder to control, in some cases. If you have small hands you will want to maximize the control that you have of your weapon when you fire it. This means that you should definitely consider a smaller weapon so that your and will properly fit the weapon. The smaller weapon will also be more easily controlled when you actually fire it. As indicated in another article you should practice, practice, practice. You should practice enough to be able to handle the weapon as second nature and not have to think about what you're going to do when you actually draw the weapon. In contrast a larger weapon will be more difficult to control when you fire it. If your hand size is small you may have to stretch your trigger finger out in order to put it into the trigger guard. This will be an uncomfortable position in which to fire your weapon.

Another consideration you need need to have when you're trying to decide which weapon purchase is a thought about how you will carry their concealed weapon. Some women are comfortable carrying the weapon in a nontraditional way. This means that they carry the weapon in the holster that is inside their pants, inside the bra, or another nontraditional way. If you decide to use this method to carry your concealed weapon, you will need to decide which way will be most comfortable for you to have access to your weapon when you need it. The other option for carrying your concealed weapon is in a handbag. There are several different types of concealed carry handbags. You will need to to decide which type of handbag is best for you. You may even to have more than one type of concealed carry handbag in which you can carry your weapon. Sometimes the occasion in which you need to have a handbag dictates the type of bag you carry. For casual everyday use there are over the shoulder type casual bags. For more formal occasions you may opt to carry a clutch or a stylish over the shoulder dress bag in which you can carry your weapon. There are instances when you may need to carry a bag to a business environment. In this case you may opt to use a briefcase that has a concealed carry compartment for your weapon. There are several casual type bags that can be used in everyday use that have concealed compartments for your weapon. Concealed carry for women has a wide range of options to do the job right, it is a matter of getting the right one that suits you.

How do you prefer to carry your concealed weapon?