Planning to Carry Concealed is Your First Step

Posted by John Mitchell on 15th Feb 2014

Get Professional Help in Deciding About Concealed Carry

Before you start to carry a concealed weapon you will need to do some planning and perform some required tasks before you can legally keep that weapon on you person or in your handbag.  If you have never fired a pistol before you will need to contact a certified firearms instructor when you are planning to carry concealed. This will get you started off right.  Local shooting ranges usually have lists of firearms instructors that are in business to help you get your start.  Law enforcement agencies should have access to the names of firearms instructors who can help you.  You need to contact a certified instructor so that you can get the right exposure as to how to fire a weapon and learn how to safely and correctly handle a weapon.  

In addition the instructor should be able to help you select the pistol that is best for you.  This will include the size of weapon, the caliber, make and model.  These are especially important decisions since you are planning to carry the weapon concealed.  Usually you will want to have a smaller size weapon so that it can easily, safely, and comfortably be carried concealed.  You certainly do not want to buy a weapon that is too heavy to carry so it stays at home in the lockup. You will not get any protection from that!  

It is important to have fired the pistol that you are going to purchase.  Do not just go to a store a buy the first gun that a salesman says that you should buy.  You need to have expert advise and have fired the weapon that you are going to buy before you go the store for the purchase.  There is no guesswork or regrets then!  A certified instructor can help you with these tasks.

One of the main tasks then is for you to get your concealed carry permit.  The instructor should be able to take you through this course and you will be certified to legally carry the weapon that you have tested with the help of the instructor.

At this point it will be time for you to go to the gun store or the gun show to purchase your specific weapon.  You should be able to compare prices from sales point to another to get the best deal for your weapon.

Once you have your weapon you might want to visit to decide the way that you would like to carry your weapon.  It might be a good idea to review the concealed carry purses that are available at  concealed carry purses to decide which purse will be best.