Variations of Concealed Carry for Women

Posted by John Mitchell on 14th May 2013

It is important to consider many variables when you are going to carry a concealed weapon. Some variables have a great deal of influence on whether your weapon is visible or not and other variables only slightly effect whether your concealed weapon is visible.  Concealed carry for women is influenced by fashion, style, personal desires, attitudes, environment, and many others. The color and type of your clothes can have a great influence on whether your concealed weapon is visible.  If you have jackets that come down over your waistline it will be easier for you to wear a concealed weapon on your belt or in your waistband.  Generally, loose fitting clothing like jackets and blouses that are untucked are going to give you more options in the effective concealed carry of your weapon.  Your body size can be either a postive or negative influence on the visibility of your weapon.  This influence is also dependent on the type of holster in which you carry your weapon.  If you are of a stocky build it can be easier for you to effectively conceal a weapon in a thigh holster or in a holster in your waistband.  You will need to evaluate your type and color of clothing when you purchase a holster for your weapon to understand the best combination of attributes that will allow you to effectively conceal your weapon.  It may be best to have more than one type of holster so that you can carry your concealed weapon with various clothing combinations.