Classic Holsters

Classic Women's Conceal and Carry Holsters

Black classic concealed carry holsters for women have been around for quite a while. Once you see their names you will know the ones that we are talking about. Classic means these concealed gun holsters were well received by users when they were initially created and the reception of them in the marketplace has grown quite a bit over time. This acceptance has made them classic, so much so that they are now the benchmark that other holster manufacturers are trying to emulate. These classic ccw holsters have had great longevity because they do exactly what the makers say they will do. They provide excellent personal protection for their owners with great comfort and durability. Of course the conceal and carry holsters we are talking about are the Flashbang, the Marilyn, the Ava, and, the Betty.

The first classic design requirement built into each of these pistol holsters was the need for the woman wearing it to have easy accessibility to her gun to protect herself. The design has certainly hit the mark. Each of these concealed holsters is designed by women to fit next to a woman's body in the most comfortable way possible while making the pistol the holster holds to be most accessible when protection is needed. The Flashbang is designed to be held securely on the bra band. It can be situated either above or below the bra band. With either position the pistol is drawn downward very quickly from the grip of this kydex holster. The Marilyn is built to be positioned inside the bra at either the right or left side and attached securely there. The pistol is accessed from the top by reaching into the blouse. Both the Ava and the Marilyn are designed to be carried inside the waistband and attached securely there.

Every holster is custom made when a customer orders it. Each time an order is taken the customer must specify what pistol it will carry and the whether they are right or left handed. The pistol model indicated by the customer is used to create a holster that holds that model with excellent fit. There is a lead time between the date of the order and the delivery of the holster to the customer. But because of the very high quality and long life of the holster, customers are willing to wait the 2 to 3 weeks it takes to make and deliver their holster.

As a woman you might be in need of the self-protection offered by one of the classic concealed carry holsters. Order the one that can be carried in the body position with which you are most comfortable. You will see how these concealed carry options for women can make you much more comfortable in your daily activities.

Please keep in mind that all our gun holsters for women are made in a small family business. All of our products are made in the heart of the USA. We make our holsters to order, so there could be a two or three week lead time before your order is shipped. We appreciate your patience, and we promise that your finished item(s) will be worth the wait!