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Concealed Carry Handbags Have Many Purposes

All concealed carry handbags have a special purpose. Some are designed to be used in everyday situations where you would take them on a shopping trip, fulfilling the tasks of everyday life. In other instances the handbag that you would require would be one that you could carry to a party or some other fashionable gathering. Still in other cases you would need a bag that would assist you in some business related tasks that you need to do. Each of these bags has a main purpose and you would select each of them based on the main function that you require of them at a given time.

However, each of these bags can have a very important secondary function that you would require of them no matter where you take them. That important task would be one that help you to defend yourself, when and if that is needed. The handbag that you use in any situation must be designed to be able to handle the self defense function in a concealed fashion. There must be a well designed place for you to carry a concealed weapon that is readily accessible when you need it. The positioning of the concealed carry compartment should be designed so that it will not make others aware that you are carrying a weapon, but should be easy for you to draw your weapon if required. The compartment should be fitted so that your weapon is stable in the compartment, so that it will not move unless you reach for your weapon. The cant of your weapon should be adjustable in the compartment so that you can have the immediate access to the weapon when it is needed.

For everyday use in casual situations the Urban Shoulder Bag could be an excellent selection for you to use as a concealed carry bag. It is an over-the-shoulder bag that has a large amount of storage in its main compartment for your everyday items like a water bottle, a large wallet, maps, and snacking foods. This purse has a flap-over front design. The flap covers the entire front of the bag. There is extensive organization inside the zippered main compartment that is under the flap, 6 total pockets with 2 zippered pockets to arrange items for you. There is zippered pocket on the outside of flap for further arrangement of items. The well-designed concealed carry pocket in the back of the bag would sit next to your body when the bag is carried. You can adjust the cant of the holster that is contained in the concealed pocket to a comfortable angle. Zippered on 3 sides, the compartment is very easily accessed.

A bag that you might consider for carrying to parties and other high fashion events would be the Evening Shoulder Pouch. The pouch can be worn over-the-shoulder or the chain link strap can be removed so that the pouch can be carried as a clutch. Either way there is main pocket of essential items like lipstick, wallet, keys, and perfume. There is a zippered concealed carry pocket in the back of the bag that makes access to your weapon very immediate if needed. No one would know that you have a weapon since the compartment is padded to prevent visible imprint of your weapon.

In a business scenario you might wish to carry the Concealed Carry Briefcase for use in your work. This bag has a large main compartment size for all your work materials and a laptop. The stylish bag can be carried over-the-shoulder with the long strap or carried with the double carry handles. The concealed carry compartment is zippered on 3 sides and will accommodate the 1911 size weapon easily. All of these concealed carry handbags include a holster that is to be used to secure your pistol in the concealed compartment.