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Contemporary Concealed Carry Gun Holsters for Women

Classic concealed carry holsters have laid the groundwork for more variations in gun holsters for women. There is no doubt that it would be very difficult to improve on the perfection created by the classic concealed carry holsters for women from the Flashbang Store. Such ideas as total comfortable pistol concealment in the center or side of the bra or easily hiding and quick access to your gun in a kydex holster inside the waistband are hard to improve on.

One of the best ways to offer improvements to concealed holster perfection is to offer the classics in contemporary colors and patterns. That is just what Flashbang has been done. If you search our catalog we are sure you will find a contemporary concealed holster that fits exactly into your wardrobe. These custom holsters for women have all the attributes of the classic holsters, except they are in bright designer colors and patterns. The bright colors and patterns of these ccw holsters can match any color scheme or pattern in your wardrobe.

Please keep in mind that all our gun holsters for women are made in a small family business. All of our products are made in the heart of the USA. We make our holsters to order, so there could be a two or three week lead time before your order is shipped. We appreciate your patience, and we promise that your finished item(s) will be worth the wait!

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