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Deciding How to Concealed Carry – Holster or Purse

We all need to decide how we will carry a pistol for protection. We know that there are certain influences that will dictate how we will carry our pistol. Those influences can be our employment, the activities we are involved in, who we associate with or other parts of our daily lives. The following is a conversation between friends who are in a training class to help them get their concealed carry permits.

“Jodie, have you decided how you are going to carry your concealed pistol? Being in the training class to get our concealed carry permits has helped me a lot with how to handle my pistol. I know how to shot it very well and how to keep it clean, but I am still not sure about what is the best way to carry it! Some of the ladies in our class like the concealed carry holster and others are more partial to concealed carry purses. I guess everybody has there own opinion about each. What do you think?” says Linsey.

Jodie says, “It really has a lot to do with what your fashion sense was before your started the class I think. Since I am a personal trainer I spend a lot of time at the gym. My fashion has always been very casual. Sometimes I dress less casual, but that is not very often. I think it is important to continue what the fashion was before you start to carry concealed. I am trying to look at it that way. So I want to use one of the concealed carry methods that fits in with my current fashion.

I am probably going to go with a concealed carry holster that can easily be carried in my workout clothes. When I am at the gym I don't need my gun, so I lock it in the locker in the dressing room. I am always very careful to not let anyone see me put my gun away. It is better that I keep this concealed carry to myself. I can still wear my holster when I dress less casual, so that way of carry works for me. How do you think you might carry, Linsey?”

Linsey says, “I have a different type of fashion since I'm a docent in a museum. I have to dress very nice everyday. My job requires that I have a wide variation in wardrobe. I basically have a different outfit on each day. When I am at work I don't have any worries about attackers. The museum has several armed guards that are on constant lookout for anything that is unusual. They are trained to do that. They walk around in the museum all the time. So when I am talking to people about the displays in the museum I don't need my gun, I feel very safe.”

I think my best way of carrying is going to be in a concealed carry handbag. Going to and from work is the time that I think I need to have my self-protection. I just need to decide what will be the best purse to use. I am looking very seriously at some kind of cross body or over the shoulder type purse. I think either one of these will give me the best access to my pistol, but they also have a lot of storage space for other things. I know someone who is using one of those very nice conceal briefcases as a purse and to carry her pistol.  She got it on line somewhere.  I may try that.

You remember that our concealed carry instructor said that we will need to consider a few things when we are deciding on a concealed carry purse. The size of our pistol, the size of our hand, and how well those two fit into the concealed carry compartment of a purse. We need to be able to draw our gun out with speed. Since I have a mid-size semi-automatic, I think one of the hobo or tote type purses will work for me. What is your idea, Mickie?"

I am not sure at this point.” says Mickie. “ I think I am going to do some research about this. I have needs for both a holster carry and a purse carry because I have a lot of variation of my outfits from one day to the next. I have the kind of job that can have me driving all over town or I can sit in meetings with customers that last a day or so. Right now I am leaning toward a concealed carry purse, but it has to be useful with a lot of outfits. Here comes Maris let's see what she has to say. Maris, we are talking about concealed carry, how are you going to carry your pistol?”

Maris says, “Look you guys! I just found the best website for getting a concealed carry holster or purse, they have all of the concealed carry methods. It's Pistol Packn Mama. They have both at very reasonable prices. They even let you buy multiple purses at a discount. It's called Pistol Packn Parcels. So you can get more than one purse to fit multiple outfits. That's where I am shopping for my concealed carry purses.”