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Flashbang and Marilyn – Best Concealed Carry Gun Holsters for Women

Flashbang Holster – Best concealed carry holster for womenGun holsters for women have improved a lot over the last few years. Carrying a pistol on-the-body has become very popular method of concealed carry for women and as a result the Flashbang and Marilyn holsters have gained great numbers of users. You may also be interested in one of these “inside the bra” holsters for the concealed carrying of your pistol in your bra. The Flashbang holster is the one that allows you to carry your small gun in a position in the center of your bra. The holster clips to your bra with a very sturdy clip that holds your pistol in a secure way. This holster will allow access to your pistol from that center position by reaching your hand up your garment to grab the handle of your gun from underneath. The concealed pistol is situated so that its handle will be available for easy grasping. You will easily pull down on the handle to draw the weapon. There is a sturdy clip that attaches the holster to your bra. Your holster holds the weapon until you pull it down to make your draw. Go here to check out the Flashbang holster in action.

The clamshell design of the Flashbang makes it as near a custom made holster as you can get. When you order it you tell us what pistol that you want to carry in it and what hand you will use to draw your pistol. The holster is manufctured to fit that pistol exactly. No other pistol format can be carried in the holster. Because of the clamshell closure around the pistol the gun is held very securely until you need to draw it. There is no possibility of the pistol firing when it is in the holster. The trigger guard is totally covered by the holster. You cannot touch the trigger until the pistol is pulled all the way out of the holster. This what makes for quick access.

With a short period of practice it has been determined that the speed of drawing your weapon can be done in less than 2 seconds. The beauty of having your pistol that available for use when it is needed, has got to be the biggest attraction of the Flashbang. Combine this with its wearing comfort and you have a very attractive holster for your immediate protection.

Marilyn Holster – Best concealed carry holster for womenAnother hoslter that is similar to the Flashbang is the Marilyn holster. If prefer to have your pistol at the side of your bra, the Marilyn is your best choice for a holster. The Marilyn resides in the side panel of the bra near to “under the arm”. From that position the pistol is drawn by putting the hand down the front of the garment to retrieve it. The pistol is securely clipped inside the bra with a sturdy clip that keeps it in a comfortable position. This makes it easy to access from the top. Go here to check out the Marilyn holster in action.

The Marilyn holster is a custom design based on the pistol it is to be used with. You would also make us aware of the pistol that you are going to use when you order it and which is your drawing hand. The holster will be made specifically for that one pistol model. The Marilyn has the same secure trigger guard protection as the Flashbang. The trigger cannot be touched until you pull the pistol all the way out of the holster.

Both the Flashbang and the Marilyn holsters are comfortable “inside the bra” gun holsters for women. You just need to make the decision which one will be the best for carrying your small weapon. Both have very quick access to your weapon. It really comes down to which one of these holsters you prefer. You can get very quick protection from either of them.