Flashbang Essentials Holster - Classic

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Excellent for basic hidden pistol protection!

You want a Concealed Holster with NO FRILLS, but a lot of FUNCTION!  Flashbang Essentials is the holster for you. This holster provides the "essentials" for you to carry a hidden pistol, and that is ALL.

What this basic Holster is:

  • Simple - minimalist gun coverage.

  • Sleek - streamlined holster profile for minimal printing.

  • Safe - gun clicks into holster and prevents trigger access.

  • Tuckable - gently offset clip allows clothing to be tucked into waistband.

  • Inexpensive - conservation of materials and quick manufacturing time make this holster super affordable.


What this Holster is NOT:

  • Fussy - doesn't include all the bells and whistles of our premium holsters.

  • Oversized - no sweat guard or bulky hardware.

  • Uncomfortable - size matters! This tiny holster will never be in your way.

  • Belt-Free - although the spring-steel clip is sturdy, this holster works best when clipped over a belt.