Flashbang Holster - Contemporary

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Flashbang holster has a history of protection for women

Flashbang Bra Holster is the Most Popular Concealed Carry

The Flashbang holster is the original holster for women’s concealed carry.  The unique clamshell design allows the pistol to sit horizontally tucked under the bra band.  As the pistol is pulled straight down, the clamshell opens up and permits the wearer to draw.  As with all of our holsters, safety is an UTMOST importance....this means the trigger guard is securely covered and the barrel of the gun NEVER crosses the user’s body during the correct draw.  Safe, comfortable, and surprisingly fast.  The Flashbang holster is the most desired bra holster for good reason!

If you are interested in the Black Classic Flashbang Concealed Carry Holster, click on the link to see it!

Lisa and Julie from Flashbang Holsters give you the basics and some tips and tricks to help you understand how to setup and use your Flashbang Holster.

Please keep in mind that the Flashbang Holsters are custom made in a small family business. All of our products are made in the heart of the USA. We make our holsters to order, so there could be up to a two week lead time before your order is shipped. We appreciate your patience, and we promise that your finished item(s) will be worth the wait!