Flashbang Holster Training


Lisa Looper, the creator of the Flashbang Holster, shows you how to setup and correctly use the Holster. This is an outstanding bra holster for women. You should know this stuff to use the it correctly. It's really a snap, but it's like anything else if you don't know how to setup it up it will certainly be uncomfortable. So listen to the one who created it. She knows all about it. Thanks Lisa, great job!

Get all the details about the Flashbang Holster in this next demo. Learn how to use both of two straps that come with the conceal holster to mount it properly for your most comfortable fit. You may want to have the gun holster to sit at a high level or you can set it up to ride lower. It is easy to change from one to the other and test both positions.


Flashbang concealed carry holster snap tutorial


The snap on the Holster can be hard to remove if you don't know how to do it. It is designed to keep the carry holster securely in place at all times. There is only one way that you can remove it. This demo gives the correct instructions to be able to remove the strap.