Holster Carry

The number of women concealed carrying pistols has grown by great numbers in the last few years. More and more women are discovering that carrying a pistol in a concealed holster is most effective way to get immediate self-protection. It is very easy to have the holster become part of your wardrobe. You can select the type of holster that fits your needs best based on your current wardrobe and lifestyle.

With the creation of the Flashbang holster line more and more women are using concealed gun holsters. These holsters have the comfort that women want with the quick access to their pistol for defense. You can decide which way you want to carry your pistol at-the-waist, on-the-hip, in-the-bra, or inside-the-waistband, all the concealed gun holsters are made to fill your carry needs. A lot of women are skeptical at first about on-the-body holsters, but once they have tried one they realize how comfortable they are, and how well they conceal their pistol, they are won over. You should try one today!