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Independence and Self-Protection for Women

The new edge of self-defense is no longer one that is predominated by just by men. Women have become very aware of their need to become knowledgeable about and start to employ self-defense. One of the catalysts of this move for female self-defense is the rise in personal crimes against women in the form of rape, assault, robbery or other personal crimes. In the past an attacker could feel comfortable with assaulting a smaller woman without expecting defensive repercussions from her. There is news for such attackers, times they are a changing!

Women have realized that there is an easy way to equalize the odds against some big hooligan who is interested in taking advantage of her. It is a two step process for her to have success in getting an equalizer:

  • Have immediate access to a personal weapon

  • Know how to use the weapon

To accomplish these two steps a woman must first identify a pistol that she can learn to be comfortable concealed carrying. Usually the type of pistol that is best employed in this fashion is a small semi-automatic that has a small footprint. These are best employed in this scenario because of their small size. They are easily concealed carried by a woman. These pistols have rapid multiple shot capability, which improves the ability of a woman to equalize her defensive abilities in an attack situation.

By carrying a concealed pistol a woman can establish her independence from having to be protected from some outside source. Her confidence in being able to accomplish self-protection will grow as she learns how to use a weapon for defense. In order to have the best self-protection a woman should also select a holster designed for concealed carrying of her selected pistol. The holster should exactly fit the model of weapon that she uses for protection. The best holster selection should take into account the woman's body type and her comfort level in carrying the weapon.

Holsters for concealed carrying inside the waistband or pants are preferred by some women. A pistol carried at the waist can be easily concealed with outer garments. Depending on the type of wardrobe, another woman may prefer to carry a weapon on the thigh. Concealment is very effective. There are also very effective holsters that can be carried in the bra, both in the front attached to the middle of the bra, and attached to the side panel. These characteristics limit the size of weapon that can be concealed, but make the weapon very accessible.