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Is the Flashbang Holster Right for You

Concealed carry holsters for women come in several different types. Each of the holsters is designed to be worn in one or more positions on your body. They are usually designed in such a way as to be comfortable in certain locations and positions. Some of them can be worn in more than one location. This design concept also takes into account the ease of access to the weapon in the holster from the intended position. Usually the holster can be canted or turned in different directions to make the weapon more accessible for the wearer. Each wearer will have a different position for the comfort and ease of drawing the weapon.

The most popular conceal and carry holster for women is the Flashbang holster. Flashbang is the original holster for women's concealed carry. This holster is made from Kydex, a tough thermoplastic, which takes the exact form of the weapon that it carries. The Kydex is formed into a clam shell to fit very exactly the shape of the weapon that it is to carry. It fits so tightly around the weapon that only the weapon that it is designed for will fit properly into the holster's grip. The snapping of the clam shell around the gun when the gun is put into the holster keeps the weapon securely in the holster until it is pulled out by the wearer.

The Flashbang holster is designed to be worn by women at the center of the bra. The holster is attached to the bra between the breasts at the point where the bra cups are attached together. The attachment of the holster is made by means of a strap that goes around this point of the bra then snaps to the holster. More than one strap length is available so that the holster can be positioned higher or lower depending on the desired position and clothing of the wearer. This position of the holster allows the pistol to be drawn by the wearer by grasping the handle of the gun and pulling down. This action takes the gun out of the grip of the Kydex clam shell. The draw can typically be done in 3 to 4 seconds, and with practice can be done in 2 seconds or less.

The popularity of the Flashbang holster can be attributed to the fact that it is very comfortable to wear. The reaction of wearers tells us that wearing the holster does not cause discomfort even if it is worn for long periods of time. Also the Flashbang is not visible to others when it is worn. The high or low position of the holster can make the holster and weapon invisible to people in close proximity to the wearer. The secure Kydex clam shell makes the wearer confident that the weapon is always in the same position and it will be easily available if it needs to be drawn in self defense.