School Girl Satchel

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Multiple pockets give you plenty of everyday utility space in this great concealed carry handbag

Nicely Appointed School Girl Satchel

Not Available now being redesigned to a smaller version 

For any age the concealed carry satchel is renewed and revisited ... and now ready for concealed carry! This satchel is made from American Cowhide with a suede leather flap, it is a satchel for concealed carry! The distinctive strap and buckle designed front and top carry handle make this satchel easy to use. The shoulder strap is easily removed. Built for right or left handed shooters, the satchel accommodates either very well. There is top carry handle for carrying by hand or there is a shoulder strap. Carried either way the straps are steel reinforced to prevent a slash and grab. There is a wide mouth opening for the everyday compartment. Access to your pistol from a rear zippered opening. An excellent carry handbag!

The pistol compartment will allow you to carry a weapon of Glock 19 size. The satchel comes with an adjustable holster that can manage a weapon that has a footprint that is 10 in X 5.5 in.

Concealed Carry Compartment:

  • Overall compartment size:  11" wide x 7" tall x 1" deep

  • Gun footprint is 10" wide x 5.5" tall

  • Special padding to prevent gun imprinting

  • Includes standard holster to fit Glock 19 sized weapons


  • Slash resistant shoulder strap with 11 ply steel wire reinforcement

  • Cross body adjustable length, clisp on and off easily


  • Toggle chrome front flap closure

  • Designed for right or left hand use

  • Wide mouth opening for everday compartment

  • Large section can hold iPAD, most tablets, brush, wallet, sunglasses

  • Small section can hold smart phone, lipstick, etc

  • Fully lined


  • Overall size:  11" wide x 9 1/4" tall x 4 3/4" deep


  • Black with chrome hardware