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The Ava Holster for Women - You've Come a Long Way Baby!

Women have waited a long time to get holsters that are designed specifically for them. Holsters have traditionally been designed for use by men. The conceal and carry holsters of a few years ago were not designed to fit the form of a woman. It is important now that women be able to personally protect themselves from attackers. As a result the conceal and carry holsters that women use need to be designed to fit their style with usability and comfort.

In recent years holsters have been designed so that women can conceal and carry weapons very effectively. They are now able to protect themselves from attackers with the use of a concealed pistol. One of the most versatile holsters that has been created for women is the Ava holster. This unique holster can be worn in the small of the back, inside the waistband of pants, or it can be worn in the front as an appendix are cross draw.

The Ava holster has been fashioned to fit the form of a woman very efficiently. The design of this hybrid holster includes a thermoplastic clam shell and very fashionable suede to make it a stylish unit for women. This smaller-cut holster is one of the most comfortable holsters to wear inside the waistband of pants. Sitting very tight to the body allows this holster to be worn under many different types of clothing without giving away the fact that a woman is carrying a gun. The Ava holster clam shell conforms to the exact size and shape of a woman's weapon, making it a very useful addition to her protection abilities. The holster design is very thin, making it much easier for a woman to conceal the carrying of her weapon.

Employing clips to keep the Ava holster in place at her back or in the front, the cant can be changed so that is most comfortable with the clothes that a woman is wearing. The design also gives the wearer the ability to adjust how high or low the holster and weapon “ride” as they are worn. Even thought the Ava holster is reduced in size to fit a woman, it still affords the ability to quickly draw the weapon when that is needed.