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Training Aids for Pistol Practice

There are products that you can readily use when you are training with your pistol. One of the most popular tools that is available is the Blue Gun. The Blue Gun is an exact representation of an actual weapon except that it is a nonfunctioning weapon. It is made out of plastic and is bright blue in color. These bright blue models of existing guns can be used for training to draw your weapon. The shape and size is an exact match so when you are using a blue gun you can mimic your exact drawing method. This type of training is very transferable to your actual weapon when you start to concealed carry. The blue gun will fit exactly into your holster like your actual weapon. The most obvious advantage of using a blue gun is the fact that no ammunition can be loaded into the model, which eliminates the potential for accidents.

Another very useful tool available for training is the dummy round. Dummy rounds can be used by new shooters who are trying to learn how to handle their weapon correctly. Such tasks as loading and unloading the weapon or clearing malfunctions can be learned using this imitation ammo. Some types of dummy rounds are sturdier than others. If you get dummy rounds with metal cases they will last much longer.

When you are training without live ammunition it's difficult to know if you have shooting accuracy. There are laser products that will allow you to determine your accuracy without using live ammunition. Mock Pistols are built with lasers that allow you to focus on trigger control and accuracy without using ammunition. When you begin the trigger squeeze on one of these devices, a certain laser will light up, a different color laser lights up when the shot is actually fired. This allows you to build the correct muscle memory that is necessary for trigger control both right before and during shooting.

A state-of-the-art laser training cartridge is also a very effective tool for training with your handgun without real ammunition. This method of training includes a special cartridge that you put in your own weapon. When you pull the trigger of your pistol a laser is turned on as the firing pin hits the training cartridge. There is a laser target that is included with this system that will register hits and misses from 50 yards away. Using this type of system will allow you to build confidence with your own weapon without using real ammunition.

These products can make it much easier to accurately prepare yourself for concealed carry.