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Types of Concealed Carry Holsters

There are different types of concealed carry holsters. Most holsters are made of leather, kydex, or nylon. There are some significant differences between these types of concealed carry gun holsters and the way that they are worn.

A leather holster can tend to be a little tight when you first get it, and will probably have to be broken in before you can use it. You can insert your pistol in your leather holster for a period of time to help break it in. Over time leather can stretch a little bit, and becomes more flexible after continued use, sometimes giving in its retention of the gun as it gets older. The leather holster's mouth retains its opening for it's entire life. For women who carry their gun in a purse, leather is usually the first choice of matieral.

Nylon does not need to be broken-in because of its flexibility, but you may have a problem with the nylon collapsing if it does not have good structure. With good structure, however, the lifetime of a nylon holster is very long, though it may tend to lose some retention over its lifetime. The mouth of the nylon holster can experience some collapse over its lifetime because of the flexibility of the holster. Typically, for this reason, nylon is not as effective a material for concealed carry holsters over a long period of time.

Kydex is a very firm plastic. The mold for making the holster is the exact shape of the gun it is intended for, and can only be used for that gun. Since Kydex is a strong plastic, the holster will continue to hold the shape of that weapon and have very good gun retention over its entire life. The fit and retention of your holster will affect your ability to draw your pistol when you need to. For most of the women we have spoken to, Kydex has been the first choice for on-the-body wear. Kydex is also a good material for inside the waistband, on the belt, and other types of concealed carry.

The type of concealed carry gun holster that you choose for your is based on your personal preferences. These can be determined by your body type or the type of weapon that you decide to carry, and how you wish to carry that weapon. Sometimes women decide to have more than one way to carry their weapon. You may elect to have an on the waistband holster for certain kinds of situations, and a concealed carry purse to carry your weapon in other situations. It is all just a matter of preference.