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Women Dressing for Success with Concealed Carry Holsters

If you are interested in carrying on-body with an “inside-the-waistband” (IWB) holster, there are some considerations you need to make in dressing for success with concealed carry. The waistline of your clothing can be a critical area of consideration for this type of concealed holster. You need to make sure that your waistline is not too tight, so that you can carry your weapon and its holster inside your waistband without being obvious. Some materials that are used to make pants have some give in the fabric that will allow for some space in your waist, but it will usually not provide enough give to hold your holster. Other types of materials have very little give to them. You will need to take this into consideration for concealed carry. Sometimes it is advantageous to wear an outer garment, such as a jacket, to make sure you keep the pistol hidden.

The placement of the waistband can also be a problem for the IWB type of concealed carry and women's holsters. If you have pants with a waistband that is lower than your actual waistline, you may have problems with exposing your holster. In such cases, you will need to ensure the hem of your top is long enough to cover your holster when you bend over or sit down. When you are not carrying a concealed weapon in at your waist you may have an untucked shirt or blouse that comes down just past your waistline. When you carry your IWB holster you will need to have an untucked shirt or blouse that comes down at least 3 or 4 inches below your waistline, so you will have adequate coverage all the time. Be sure you also make the same considerations for skirts that you wear with your concealed carry holster. Whether you wear a skirt or pair of pants to carry your IWB holster you will need to make sure that you have an inch or so of space in order to where your holster comfortably. The thickness of the fabric on pants or skirts can also have a bearing on whether your gun is seen by others. Usually, the thicker the fabric the better it will be for hiding your holster in the garment.

You may also have an interest in carrying your weapon in a concealed holster that is located inside your bra. There are two types of holsters for this kind of carry. One holster allows you to carry your weapon at a center point in the bra. Another type of holster allows you to carry your pistol at the side of your bra. For the center mounted holster to be effective you will need a top that allows for you to reach up under the hem of your top to retrieve your weapon. This means that you need some space under your top in which you can make this reaching movement to retrieve your weapon. For the holster mounted at the side of your bra you will need to be able to reach down the front of your top to retrieve your weapon. This means that you will need to have a lower cut front on your blouse are shirt. Both of these holster locations will take some getting used to.

Both the inside-the-waistband and inside-the-bra holsters are available from Pistol Packn Mama. In addition to being very comfortable, these women's holsters are secure; they are designed to specifically fit only the gun they are intended for.