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  • 15th Sep 2021

    More Benefits to Gun Ownership Than Just Protection

    Bolster Your Self-Esteem with Pistol Training RISE of the Woman Gun Owner

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  • 23rd May 2018

    Diligence With Your Concealed Carry Purse

    Keep Your Concealed Carry Purse Close

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  • 16th May 2018

    Is This a Horror Story in the Making?

    Concealed Carry a Pistol to Defend Yourself Junie is fiesty 24 year old who thinks she knows e

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  • 9th May 2018

    Do You Have the Right Mindset for Concealed Carry?

    Keep Your Mind Right for Concealed Carry

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  • 1st May 2018

    Steps To Do Before Concealed Carry

    Be Fully Prepared Before You Concealed Carry Get professional help Don't try to do something l

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  • 28th Apr 2018

    Planning to Concealed Carry is Your First Step

    Get a Certified Instructor First

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  • 5th Feb 2018

    Glamour asks Women "Why Do You Own a Gun?"

    You Would Think 'Glamour' Could Guess the Answer At the recent National Shooting Sports Foundati

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  • 25th Apr 2017

    More Guns then Less Crime - Statistics Back It Up!

    Statistics Support the Fact That Concealed Permit Holders Are Law-Abiding When Dr John R. Lott,

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  • 10th Mar 2017

    Complacency is a Problem in Concealed Carry

    Become Very Attentive If You Concealed Carry If you concealed carry then complacency is your ene

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  • 4th Oct 2016

    Let People Know When You Have to Draw

    Make It Known Before You Draw Your Pistol If you have to use your concealed carry pistol to prot

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  • 28th Sep 2016

    Conceal Carry in Your Car

    Research Concealed Carry and Avoid Trouble It’s important to know that you will not have a proble

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  • 27th Sep 2016

    Murder Rates Drop as Concealed Carry Rates Increase

    Self-Protection Counters Murder Rate Noting the rates of concealed carry holders per 100,000 po

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  • 26th Sep 2016

    Buying Your Pistol When You Don't Have Experience

    Seek Professional Advice Before You Buy a Gun If you don't have experience with weapons you shoul

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  • 25th Sep 2016

    Light Is a Good Way to Thwart an Attacker

    Stay Out of the Shadows to Avoid an Attack Light is a good way to help thwart an attacker after

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  • Your Gun Can't Protect You If It Isn't On You
    8th Aug 2016

    Your Gun Can't Protect You If It Isn't On You

    Make Carrying Your Concealed Pistol a Habit The most important aspect of handgun ownership is

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  • When Involving Authorities Doesn't Help
    4th Aug 2016

    When Involving Authorities Doesn't Help

    Do Not Be a Victim Start to Concealed Carry Stalking is defined as consistent contact by an unwan

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  • ​Vary Your Concealed Carry Bag from Day-to-Day
    15th Jun 2016

    ​Vary Your Concealed Carry Bag from Day-to-Day

    More Than One Concealed Carry Purse Varies Your Wardrobe Many women appreciate the flexibility

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  • 15th Jun 2016

    College Carrying Coeds

    College Coeds Need Personal Protection On a college campus of roughly 10,000 female students, a

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  • 3rd May 2016

    When a Habit Can Hurt

    Vary Your Daily Habits for Better Safety Pauline is a consistent and steady person. She grocery sh

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  • 16th Apr 2014

    Protection When You and Others Need it

    Plan to protect yourself and others An armed man entered a Dollar General store one afternoon, wav

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