Get a Concealed Carry Purse with RFID Protection

These days you have to have more than a pistol to protect yourself. Now it is necessary to protect your personal information from some people who are interested in stealing it. We are talking about the ability of criminals who use radio frequency identification readers (RFID) to read your credit cards and other objects that have RFID tags that you have in your purse or on your person. These RFID devices are similar to bar code readers, but they are more powerful. RFID devices do not have to have line-of-sight or have to directly scan an object like a credit card to be able to read information. If an RFID device is within a distance of 300 or so feet it can “read” information from an object. Basically what the device does is send out radio waves that are used to “read” information and return it to the reader. This process happens very quickly, so your personal information. Like credit card numbers, can be gathered by a crook.

Not to worry Pistol Packn' Mama has a solution for this bad scenario. Concealed carry bags in our RFID category all have a special pocket inside them. This special pocket is lined with material that resists the waves from an RFID device, so your information cannot be stolen. If you put your billfold, credit cards and other personal items in this pocket an RFID reader cannot retrieve the information from them. Good deal, right? Eventually all our bags will have this protective pocket. For now you need to buy a concealed carry purse that has RFID ability to protect your personal information.