Range Bag

More Than Just Your Concealed Pistol Belongs in Your Leather Range Bag

Having a range bag to carry your pistol to the range is not just a great idea, it is a necessity. With a special concealed gun compartment for your pistol, the leather range bag has several required functions. First it keeps anyone from knowing that you have a pistol inside. The concealed bag should also have the following essentials:

  • emergency medial kit
  • rapid application tourniquet
  • eye and ear protection
  • notebook for recording rounds fired and the data about your shooting performance
  • cleaning materials for wiping down your pistol and magazines after shooting
  • extra magazines
  • ammunition

In some cases you might have to bring to the range the following items depending on the situation:

  • targets
  • staple gun
  • measuring tape
  • sharpie

if you are going to practice drawing your concealed pistol and firing, of course you will need your holster. There is also plenty of space in the leather range bag for other daily items that you might need like your cell phone, makeup, phone book, and others.