Carry Business Documents and Your Concealed Pistol in a Concealed Carry Briefcase

A concealed carry briefcase can fulfill more than one important need. You have to have a way to carry your work documents when you go to the office or make sales calls on potential customers. The CC briefcase can certainly do that. You also need a way to carry your concealed pistol without having anyone else realize that you have a gun for protection. Each of these carry briefcases will fill these needs quite nicely. The briefcases have a concealed carry holster inside a concealed compartment that will hold your weapon in a secure, fixed position. Each holster is attached by Velcro to the inside of the bag to keep it secure. The gun pocket is built so that no one can see the imprint of the gun you have onboard. There is a zippered opening that lets you access your pistol quickly when you need it. Combine business and protection with a ccw briefcase from Pistol Packn' Mama.

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