Multiple Purpose Genuine Leather Totes for Concealed Carry

The concealed carry tote has been a multiple use handbag for quite a while. It is the simplest handbag in that it usually has two handles that are on each side of the bag so it can be carried by hand if needed. When it started out the tote was just one big open bag into which a lot of stuff could loaded and carted off to some other location. As time has passed most concealed carry totes still have the two handles on each side of the bag, but they usually have the top closed so that stuff that is inside can be protected. There is still a large main compartment into which a lot of stuff can loaded, but the compartment has pockets with zippers and other ways of organizing items to make sure they can be easily found when needed.

The concealed carry tote also has a separate pocket that is added to the side of the concealed bag that has a zipper that is used to access it. This is where the concealed pistol is kept so it is separate from the other stuff in the main compartment. The pistol is secured in an adjustable holster that makes the access of the pistol very easy. Most of the time added utility of this concealed bag is created by having a long strap that allows the bag to be worn over the shoulder rather that carried by hand. There some bags today that do not have the two hand straps, and only the long strap, but they have been given the name of tote. It is all about multiple usefulness even today. You could use one of our genuine leather totes for your everyday carry. 

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