Practical Transport for Phone and Concealed Carry Pistol

There are few believers that you can carry a concealed pistol and a phone in the same bag comfortably. But it is true, the Smart Phone has to have a way to be transported. The way to do that practically is to use a concealed carry phone case from Pistol Packn' Mama. No matter what your destination, if you need both devices for your work or school, it is a good idea to have them both available when you need them. With the concealed carry phone case, your pistol fits in a holster right behind your phone in it's own pocket. The pocket opens with a zipper for easy access. With the concealed carry phone case the gun is also behind the devise in a zippered compartment. Hidden away, the gun will never be seen unless you pull it out or tell someone about it. These concealed bags are especially nice when you are walking home or to your car, maybe at night from class or a late meeting. They will give you protection when no one even knows that you have such right in your hands.


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