Pistol Packn Mama is a website that is owned by my small business, Provision, Inc. We offer concealed carry purses for women who wish to carry a weapon for the protection of themselves and their loved ones. The brands that I offer are designed by women for use by women.  The concealed carry purses that we offer are designed to be functional for daily use and very efficient for concealed carry. After visiting with ladies who use our products and the makers who make them realized that comfort and style with efficient self-protection were the main characteristics expected from our customers. I have received very high recommendations from my customers who have bought them from PPM. We are Authorized Dealers for Gun Toten Mama's  and Lady Conceal products.

My name is John Mitchell and I live in Houston, Texas. I have retired from an active career as an IT consultant and teacher. I launched Pistol Packn Mama as a result of hearing some very sad news from one of my family's close friends. She had been raped and severely assaulted. Knowing the kind of trauma that she has endured has encouraged me to build Pistol Packn Mama.

Every woman has the right to protect herself and her loved ones. I give you a full money back guarantee on all my products. You can shop securely at Pistol Packn Mama. I hope you will give me a chance to help you with your self-protection.