Everyday Tasks Made Easy with Concealed Carry Hobo Purses

A concealed carry hobo purse is an old standby that serves quite well as an everyday handbag and an excellent way to carry your concealed pistol. Pistol Packn' Mama offers the best concealed carry hobo purses to meet the needs of women who are interested in a practical purse for constant use and a purse in which they can carry self-protection. When you hear the word ”hobo” it usually has a negative meaning, not in the case of the concealed carry hobo purse. It is a positive meaning. It tells you that the purse offers a very useful casual uses, and can fulfill many needs.

First, it offers a large main compartment with adequate pockets for organizing the stuff that has to carried everyday. Second, it offers a well designed conceal and carry compartment that holds your hidden pistol in a secure way. The concealed compartment has a holster that is attached to the side of the purse by Velcro. The angle of the holster can be adjusted for the perfect drawing angle. No one knows that a pistol is in the purse because the pistol pocket is designed to prevent imprinting. Third, the hobo style purse is setup so that it can be carried as an over-the-shoulder bag or a crossbody bag making it very comfortable in daily use. Our hobo handbags are very popular for everyday use.

So the “hobo” in this case means the purse is very practical to use and can easily protect the owner with its concealed carry ability.