Purse Straps and Holsters

High Quality Replacement Purse Straps and Holsters for Purses

Purse straps get a lot of wear and they will wear out because of the long life of the purse they are attached to. In some cases you may want to ability to change the strap on your purse from an original one to a longer one that gives you more carrying options.

If you have a smaller pistol, but you want to use a larger purse to carry that pistol, you may want to have a smaller holster in that purse to make the fit of the pistol more efficient. The smaller holster for your purse is best for that. Our purses come with a purse insert for your gun. The purse holster in your concealed compartment will keep you pistol secure at all times. You make your purse a great defensive item when you use a concealed carry purse holster with your pistol inside it.

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