Will It Fit?

Select Your Pistol from Our Gun Chart and See All the Perfect Purses to Carry It

You have a pistol and you have a concealed carry permit. You want a quality concealed carry purse to carry your pistol. But you are not sure which concealed carry purse will be the best for carrying your pistol securely. A lot of our customers ask the question "Will the purse that I buy securely and safely fit my pistol?" It is a very valid question to ask, so the Pistol Packn' Mama team has created a list of the most popular concealed carry pistols. In creating the gun chart we gathered the size of each pistol, its height, width and depth. Then we compared those pistol sizes with the concealed carry compartments of our purses.

We made picture galleries of our purses based on the size of each carry compartment. That allowed us to produce this page that allows you to pick your pistol from our list and see a picture gallery of all those purses that can be effectively used to concealed carry your pistol. No more guesswork! You just click your pistol name and see pictures of all the purses. Then when you see a purse you want just click its small picture to see a larger picture. The larger picture may be a different color bag that the smaller picture.  That just means the bag you selected comes in more than one color.  Under the big picture you will see the name of the purse. Just click the name of the purse to go to a page where you can purchase the concealed carry purse that will be a best fit best for your pistol!

Be aware that purses that have the larger standard holster can also carry the pistols that fit in the smaller mini holsters. You will have to purchase a mini holster to make the change.  We are not able to make this change for you.  When you buy a purse with a standard holster, you can purchase a mini holster at the same time and save on shipping. Each holster is attached to the inside of the concealed compartment with velcro, so you can adjust the draw angle or use a different holster if you want. Use our gun chart to find the perfect purse to carry your pistol!