Concealed Carry Clutches from Casual to Formal in a Leather Purse

Pistol Packn' Mama has the finest concealed carry clutches for women available today. Any woman who is interested in the self-protection of a concealed carry pistol should seriously consider one of these remarkable leather purses. From the formal occasion to the casual everyday bag, all these concealed pistol bags fill the requirement of carrying everyday necessities and a secured pistol. A great number of ladies opt for the Distressed Buffalo Leather Shoulder Clutch because of the large main compartment and easy match with a variety of outfits. Others want the Studded Flap Tooled Cowhide Bag for its beautiful presence. The crossbody capability of all these bags makes it much easier to access a pistol that is in the zippered back pocket. Each concealed bag comes with a holster inside the gun compartment that holds the pistol in a secure manner. Velcro anchors the holster and pistol to the inside of the compartment. You will have the ability to adjust the angle of the pistol so that it is set at the perfect angle for drawing when it is needed.