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Concealed Carry Designer Improvements

Concealed carry holsters and purses for women have improved greatly in the last few years. This is due to the efforts of designers who want to meet the demands of the marketplace and create useful protection for women gun owners. There has been an increase in the number of concealed carry permits issued to women over the last few years. These folks are interested in carrying their pistols for protection, but they are not interested in sacrificing the styles of clothing to carry them correctly. That means that they require that the pistol they carry is not seen by other people and they want to continue to wear the stylish fashions that they always have.

The outside presentation of concealed carry purses and handbags covers the gamut of styles. There are totes, clutches, satchels, IPAD cases, briefcases, compacts, sacs, hobos, and pouches. These come in a multitude of colors from light tan to black and from purple to red. Ornamentation is in variations of fashionable chrome zippered pulls on pockets to feet for bottom protection. Some of the bags, like the Bright Red Compact Carrie, are best suited for casual carry, while others like the Simple Tooled Leather Concealed Carry Bling are more useful with dressier outfits. Each of these purses has the high standard that is needed for proper concealed carry and also maintain the selected style of dress.

The handbags are not purses converted to be concealed carry. The designers have built a concealed carry compartment in each bag that is for the intimate carry of a pistol and nothing else. There is a completely separate compartment that is well organized to handle all the necessary daily items that a purse has carried in the past.

The CC compartment has very rigid sides so that access to the pistol can be made very easily. Sides don't collapse into the compartment to interfere with a quick draw. The rigid sides keep the pistol from being exposed, and help keep the selected cant of the holster for a correct drawing angle. The owner will set the drawing angle of the pistol by pressing the holster firmly to the Velcro inside for the compartment, so the holster is at the correct angle. The compartment is ambidextrous so the bag can be used effectively by right or left handed shooters. There are zippers on each side on the compartment to allow for either hand access. The compartment opens at the back of the purse, next to the owner's body, so that the owner can open the zipper and have a hand on the handle of the gun prior to needing to draw it.

Concealed carry purses are designed to accommodate certain pistol sizes. A bag like an Evening Concealed Carry Shoulder Pouch can be used only with Ruger LCP sized pistols. There are other bags, like the Large Concealed Carry Hobo Sac , that will handle larger pistols like the 1911, but also smaller pistols. The size of your pistol and the zipper opening will dictate what size of pistol you can effectively carry in a given purse. Purse straps have had designer upgrades to prevent “slash and grab”. Each strap is fitted with a steel cable inside to prevent a criminal from grabbing purse and breaking the strap to steal it. It is knife proof, no slash of a knife will cut through the strap, but the strap is very flexible. Bending it you will not know that there is a cable inside it.

Concealed carry holsters have had significant design improvements as well. In times past holster were all made from rigid leather, where one holster fits all pistols. Now with the advance of design holsters are being made to fit a specific pistol exactly. The material used is Kydex. When a woman orders a holster for her pistol she must tell the maker what pistol it is to be used with. Using a form the maker will create a holster that exactly fits the pistol of choice. That means no other pistol will work with this exact holster, but it will work exactly with the pistol that it was designed for. When the owner puts their pistol into the holster, there is no space around it. In fact the holster becomes a clip into which that pistol fits. If turned upside down the pistol will not fall out. This Kydex holster makes it very easy for you to carry a pistol on your body. These holsters keep the pistol very close to your body.

The Flashbang Holster is one you wear in the middle point of your bra. It is attached to the bra by a sturdy clip that keeps it steady. Since the pistol clips into the holster it will not fall out. When you are ready to draw the pistol you put your hand up under your blouse, grab the handle of the pistol, and pull it down. That will release the gun from the holster. Kydex is also used to create a Marilyn Holster. It attached to the side of your bra with a sturdy clip. You draw your pistol by reaching down the front of your blouse. You can wear this one with an evening gown if you want to or any clothes that will allow you to go down the front to draw.

The Betty Holster gets closer to the traditional way to carry a gun in a belt holster. It clips inside the waistband of your pants with a sturdy clip. Easily concealed with a shirt that comes down over your waistline, this is a most popular way to carry. Sophia Holster is similar to the belt slide holster. It too can be carried inside the waistband of your pants. It hugs your body to make it easy to conceal and easy to draw. The Ava Holster is very adjustable with 5 adjustment holes, so you decide how it is worn. You can wear it with or without a belt to get your greatest comfort.

You have a lot of latitude in the type clothes that you wear when you are carrying any of these holsters. Each is designed to give comfort in the location that it is worn. Each is designed for greatest safety. The trigger of any pistol in one of these holsters is not accessible until the pistol is pulled out of the holster. Each holster is specific to one particular pistol, and it will hold that pistol securely. Each was designed by women for use by women making concealed carry much safer and easier to accomplish.