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Concealed Carry Lifestyle

So you've made the decision to start carrying a concealed pistol. There is a great responsibility attached to this decision. In making it, you must know that there are certain aspects of your life that will change as a result. Really there are three basic things you need to consider after making this decision:

  • your way of thinking
  • what you wear
  • how you carry concealed

Every woman has a different way to approach these topics. You will need to think in advance of your situation, the things that you're trying to accomplish during the day, where you might go, what you might do. You need to anticipate things very quickly, so that you can react if it is necessary to a dangerous event that may occur around you. Some women who begin concealed carry will have to practice this. For others it might come more naturally to them because of the way they normally act. A handgun purse may be just what they need. Recognizing potential threats to you or someone close to you should become an important part of your daily activity. Situational awareness has to be a practice that you perform everywhere you go. Maintain a viewpoint that will help you recognize situations that are or might become dangerous. You will, of course, avoid those types of situations.

You also may need to change what you wear in order to be effective with concealed carry. After all you need to keep your gun out of sight. In some cases the outfits that you have will work quite well with your concealed carry choice. You will have to decide what your wardrobe is going to be in combination with your decision of how you're going to carry a concealed weapon. If you have decided to wear a concealed carry holster for your weapon, it is likely that you will have to make more changes to your wardrobe than if you decide to carry your weapon in a purse.

An “inside the waistband” holster is worn inside a pant or skirt wasteline. To cover the holster you will need shirts or blouses that cover the waistline. If you decide to wear an “in the bra holster” that is attached to the side of your bra you will need shirts and blouses that allow you to reach down the front of your top to get your pistol. With a holster worn in the middle of the bra you will need shirts and blouses that allow you to reach up under your top to get your pistol from a middle position. Holsters that are worn in the bra are very comfortable and easy to draw your gun from.

Carrying your pistol in a handgun purse can be much easier on wardrobe changes. In this case, the only consideration you have to make is a personal one where you match your purse with the outfit that you're wearing. You can take a lot of latitude in making such a decision. The main decision that you have to make with a concealed carry purse is how you want to carry it. You may carry it over the shoulder, under the arm, across body, or with short handles in your hand. Many of the purses that Pistol Packn Mama offers can be adjusted by changing the strap length on the purse to allow for a different type of carry or adjust for your height. For a smaller impact on wardrobe changes, select a concealed carry purse that has a long, adjustable strap.