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Concealed Purses Come in Many Styles

Concealed purses are gaining in popularity. As a result there have been many styles developed to meet the desires of all the women who want to use them. Depending on the occasion, type of dress, or time of day the styles of these bags can be used to fill any requirement and allow a woman to carry a pistol for protection.

The early styles of concealed purses were merely regular purses that had been converted to accommodate the need to carry a pistol for protection. Most of these early ones were larger purses that could carry any size pistol, but with little design for being able to access the pistol quickly and securely. As time has passed and the demand for carrying a concealed pistol has risen, purse designs have made great strides in the way that guns can be carried. Manufacturers have started to design purses around the need to carry a pistol rather than converting regular purses to be able to carry a pistol. Gun carrying capabilities that were designed into a purse were such things as a separate compartment that is devoted to the pistol alone. This was done for safety and to keep the everyday items that are normally carried in a purse from interfering with access to the pistol. A dedicated opening to this compartment was made separate from the opening to the main compartment to make for easy pistol access. The compartment comes equipped with a holster that holds the pistol securely. The angle of the holster can be set by the user so that the perfect drawing angle can occur when the pistol is needed for defense.

Tote bags are a great casual way to carry your concealed pistolDespite these changes that were made to create the concealed purses women still pick many of these styles to fill their everyday and pistol carry needs. Traditional styles like the tote, clutch, and hobo are as popular as ever. The classic look of the Bucket Tote has the same presence as it did before concealed carry came along. It has the large size which give you lots of room for your typical everyday objects. Those reside in the main compartment. You have zippers into side pockets for organization and a separate one to get to your concealed gun. An adjustable strap allows you to carry the bag over-the-shoulder or it can be shortened to make it an under-arm carry. If you wish to have a high style bag you might want to look at the Croco Town Tote. Luxurious leather tote is best way to hide your concealed pistolIt has the pistol carry abilities of the Bucket Tote, such as over-the-shoulder strap, zippered pockets, and large size. It's constructed from debossed American cowhide in a striking pattern. Pistol access and a holster for security are included as well. The Fringe Tote is another variation of this basic bag. Claiming all the design features for pistol carry that the other totes have, this bag has a fashionable fringe exterior in black or blue.

A real charmer in the clutch family is the Black Microfiber Clutch. It is a versatile bag that can cover your needs from casual to formal, at any time of day. Straps can be adjusted to carry it over-the-shoulder, under-the-arm, or in hand. Fashionable key chain and tassel add to the beauty of this bag. The concealed compartment is hidden behind a flap with magnetic closure. This gives quick access to your pistol. The Quilted Shoulder Clutch has long sustained use as a hallmark. Made with a stylish quilted pattern the is a perfect everyday bag. Concealed gun is reached through a zippered compartment next to your body. Evening clutch bags give you wardrobe enhancement and protection The Zebra Print Shoulder Clutch elevates handbag beauty to a new level. Construction includes hair-on cowhide combined with full grain dyed leather. Over-the-shoulder carry strap and rear access to a pistol compartment gives this bag great utility.

The Crocodile Print Hobo is high style from any viewpoint. It contradicts the traditional hobo description which is a bag that is used as a casual carryall. This hobo may counter the description but it can also fill your desire for style and then some. It is made of leather in a beautiful form. There are pockets to organize stuff and a private pocket for your pistol. No one would expect you to have a pistol inside this purse. Hobo clutch combines beauty and utility for daily use The Large Hobo Sac is better suited to the traditional description of the hobo. This full grain leather bag comes in red, brown, tan, and black. It looks like an everyday bag and performs that function very well. Usually carried over-the-shoulder the purse has a concealed compartment next to your body for quick access to your pistol. Its compartment and holster will handle a large sized pistol, but smaller ones will as well.

You can see from the characteristics of these bags that their long term abilities have not been compromised or degraded in any way to accommodate for their ability to carry a gun. In fact a lot of women use them without carrying a gun at all because they are stylish and meet their needs for a purse with great utility. Check them out you will probably find one or more that you would like to use also!