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Great Idea - Be Able to Carry Multiple Ways

Hello, my name is Jessica. I have been carrying a concealed pistol for about 5 years now. As soon as I got my concealed carry permit, I bought a very nice Black Microfiber Clutch from Pistol Packn Mama. This bag fills my need for being able to carry my pistol anywhere I go and goes with all my dressier outfits. Since buying the purse, however, I joined an outdoors club, where we do all kinds of activities, including camping, hiking, skiing and more. I want to carry my pistol during these excursions, but I am a very private person and do not think it’s anyone’s business that I carry a pistol all the time. It doesn’t work to carry my concealed carry clutch during outdoor activities because people would ask questions about it. I thought about getting another bag so that I could carry my gun concealed on my camping trips without drawing attention.

Having a pistol and the permit to carry it is not effective if your weapon is at home. To have full protection, I like to carry everywhere I go. Since the clutch is a very dressy bag, in addition to not being appropriate for camping, it doesn’t work for more casual occasions either.

In my search for concealed carry bags for different occasions, I started to realize that most women would agree that having only one way to carry a concealed pistol is not practical. It is important to have more than one way to carry your pistol unseen, so that you can vary your outfits from day to day, and from one occasion to the next. The bag that you use with a particular outfit should naturally blend with it. With more than one way to carry, you extend your fashion to a group of outfits and can do more mixing and matching with different handbags.

The great thing about Pistol Packn Mama is that the variety they offer fills all my requirements for carrying my pistol concealed without drawing any attention to the fact that I’m doing so. I have decided to get a Leather Duffel and a Retro Stripe Flat Sac from Pistol Packn Mama. I can take the duffel on my trips to carry my outdoor gear and my pistol, and the sac is a perfect casual bag for going out in jeans with my girlfriends.