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High Style is Not Opposed to Concealed Carry

Women who embrace all different styles are able to concealed carry without sacrificing the style that they like best. There is a wide range of fashionable bags that have styles that will fit any woman's desire for a fashion statement. Professional women are very keen on maintaining their style while still being able to vary their daily wardrobe in work environments. These women who work outside of their home are no different from the ladies who do most of their work in and around their home. Both are interested in maintaining their style on a daily basis for those trips away from home that they inevitably make or trips to an office that they make everyday..

There is no need for any woman to modify her style in any situation in which she finds herself just to satisfy her need for self protection. Designer concealed carry purses of many styles allow a woman to keep her pistol close, but continue to have a high fashion presence. Ladies can dress in a business suit or a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt and have the same amount of self protection from the appropriate concealed carry bag.

Designer concealed carry bags are constructed to accommodate the requirements of a woman's daily life and her need for self protection from a concealed pistol. Each purse in made of high quality materials that are built around the idea that both daily duties and protection are important. Neither one of these ideas are emphasized more than the other. Designs maintain both as equally important.

For protection the concealed purse has an independent compartment for the secure holding of a pistol. Access to the compartment is for left or right handers. Inside the compartment is a holster that holds the pistol in a position that is set by the wearer. The position is constant due to the velcro attachment of the holster to the inside of the compartment. Variation of the position makes it easy for the perfect drawing angle to be set up by the wearer. Purses are made from durable leather for extended life even with extensive use. Design and construction of the purse will not allow imprinting of the pistol that is inside.

The main compartment of the purse has all the capabilities that a lady would want in a purse. Pockets for organization of items, such as cell phones, wallets, lipstick, combs, pens, and other items. Zippered and slide-in pockets keep everything in its place.

No matter what type of style you present, Pistol Packn' Mama has a group of concealed carry bags that will fill your needs quite well.