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Match Your Concealed Carry to Your Style

We don't all have the same style. By style I am talking about the kind of clothes we have on any given day or on any given occasion. There are different factors that influence what that style is for each of us. Our surroundings are a great influence. Your personal taste helps to dictate our style. You may be some one who works in an office and vary your style from one day to the next. But in any office setting that variation is usually not great from one day to the next. Some of us have very little variation in our surroundings. You may work in a job that requires that you wear a uniform in your position. So you don't have much influence on what you wear because of the requirements at work. Sometimes the group of people that you associate with, not necessarily at work, has a great influence on what your fashion is. You would have some input into what is worn by the group as part of the group's influence on one another. There could be a lot of variation in the style that is worn from one occasion to another. Thankfully the design of concealed carry purses has been evolving over the last few years. Now you can find a carry purse for almost any style of dress.

The way that you concealed carry has to depend on the type of style that you are wearing at any point in time. It can be difficult to match your style with your concealed carry if you have great variation in your type of dress from one day to the next. If a uniform is your daily dress your concealed carry method can be easier, but the fact that you wear a uniform may determine if you can concealed carry at all, due to restrictions. If you are part of a casual group you will have more input into the style that is worn, so you will have a better influence on your concealed carry ability.

Casual style is usually an informal type dress that emphasizes relaxation influenced by a situation or the desires of a group. You may wear slacks or jeans for this. Your concealed carry could be an inside-the-waistband holster like an Ava, Betty or Sophia or you could carry in a simple over-the-shoulder purse. These include the Bison Handbag, the Chrome Zip Purse, or the Large Hobo Sac. Weather with changing temperature from summer to winter may vary for this style, but your concealed carry might not. The IWB holster or the OTS purse will still work very well.

Casual style has even extended over into the workplace. Over the years some of workplace fashion has changed from suits and dress up clothes to more relaxed casual clothes. Concealed carry purses could be more formal here, like the Brown Crocodile Compact or the Embroidered Lambskin Purse. There could be more styles of purses that could be used.

With a very formal atmosphere your style of dress could move to basic formal or even up to black tie. In such an occasion you would probably want to carry your concealed pistol in a small over-the-shoulder purse or a clutch like the Evening Shoulder Pouch or the Zebra Print Shoulder Clutch. The Park Avenue Tote is an excellent bag for formal wear and gong to the mall with the girls.

To correctly match your concealed carry to your style you need to evaluate all the places and situations that you encounter on a daily basis. You can decide which ones of these are valid for you to carry your concealed pistol. You might want to start to make this evaluation when you get your concealed carry permit. You will need to equip yourself with the right tools to be able to concealed carry in all the situations that might require that you do so. Sometimes there are additions that need to be made to your wardrobe in order to help cover all the areas where you need to carry concealed. This matching of style and concealed carry can occur over a period of time or it can be done right after you get your concealed permit. To get a discount on more that one concealed carry purse at one time visit Pistol Packn Parcels.