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My Best Concealed Carry Purse

Michelle: Did you see that beautiful sunset blue tote that Lisa had on last week? She said it was made from textured American cowhide leather and designed specifically for concealed carry. I didn't know a concealed carry purse could look so good! It has those chrome hardware accents with leather pulls and even zippers. I want to look at it more closely. I loved it!

Diane: I know. Julie has a similar bag that she got about a month ago. It's not blue, but black, and also beautiful!

Michelle: Hello Lisa! We were just talking about your new blue tote. Where did you get it? It looks gorgeous. Tell us about it.

Blue Studded Concealed Carry Tote

Lisa: Well thank you! I got it online at It really is designed to make it easier to carry concealed, not one of those bags that’s converted after the fact. The concealed carry compartment keeps my regular stuff separate from my pistol, which makes me feel more comfortable. It was designed by women too, so, it really keeps our needs in mind for style, and how we prefer to carry concealed.

The bag has outside zippers on either side of the compartment so you can access your pistol with either your right or left hand. And I was worried someone would be able to tell I had a pistol in my bag, but the lining of the purse is made in such a way that you can't see the imprint of the gun from outside the bag. There is a standard size holster inside the compartment to hold your pistol. The holster is attached to the bag with strong Velcro so that the pistol stays at the right angle through your day-to-day movements and can still be drawn quickly if you need it. The holster works with several different types of pistols.

Diane: I really like the way it looks. It has a great straps and those chome pulls make it very stylish.

Lisa: It has double length shoulder straps that are slash resistant, with steel reinforced cables in them. The top opening is extra-wide for easy access to all your stuff. It has a well-designed regular compartment that is separate from the gun compartment. That way you don't get stuff like lipstick, cell phone, makeup, and other things you always carry in your bag mixed up with your pistol.

Diane: How do you draw your pistol?

Lisa: There are zippers on either side of the concealed carry compartment where I can access my pistol, which makes it easy to draw from either side. I like the fact that I can position the holster using the Velcro so that when the time comes for me to draw my pistol—Heaven forbid—it will always be right were I expect it to be.

Michelle: Do you think that I could borrow the bag sometime when you're not using it? I think it would go very well with that pale dress that I have. I'm trying to decide if I want to get a concealed carry permit and using the bag might help me decide.

Diane: Oh look! here's Julie with her new bag! We were just talking about your new concealed carry handbag. Can you tell us about it?

Quilted Concealed Carry Shoulder Clutch

Julie: Well Lisa is the one who helped me find it! After I saw her blue tote I asked where she got it and went right to Pistol Packn Mama’s website where I discovered this quilted concealed carry shoulder clutch. It is made from quilted microfiber polyester so it’s very lightweight and durable and wears forever. It has a similar design to Lisa's bag with a separate concealed carry compartment that eliminates the imprint of the pistol on the outside of the bag. You can use it from either the left or right hand side, like her's. The extra thing my bag has is cross body capability with this longer, adjustable length strap with steel enforced cable that can’t be cut. The strap easily clips on and off so I can carry it with a short handle or as a cross body bag. And the black goes with just about everything!

The main compartment has pockets that provide easy organization for your cell phone, glasses, lipstick, makeup, and all that other stuff. The purse also has an outside zippered compartment separate to where the gun goes.

Lisa: Michelle and Diane, you should look into the great concealed carry handbags on Pistol Packn Mama if you are thinking about carrying a pistol. I think Julie would agree they make fine purses even if you aren’t using the concealed carry, and then you always have the option down the line. I’ll tell you though, I have such an added level of protection and security now, I don’t know if I could go back to not carrying. I feel safer, more in control, and more knowledgeable about guns, how they work, and how I can protect myself with and against them. And these beautiful purses are a great perk!