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One Way to Choose a Concealed Carry Purse

Hi, my name is Cari. I recently went through the process of deciding on a concealed carry purse, and while my experience might be different from yours I will pass it on so you can learn from it.

People have different preferences for how they carry their guns, and how they choose to conceal them. There is even more to consider when purchasing a concealed carry purse. Some people prefer to carry cross body bags, others like short handle purses, and still others may wish to carry over the shoulder bags. Most people will decide on the pistol they want to carry before deciding how they want to carry it, but this is not always true. Everybody has their own way of doing things. I chose to get a pistol I like before I picked a purse to carry it.

My husband helped me pick out a pistol. He knows a lot about guns since he was in the service. That's one of the things you might consider. Have someone who is very knowledgeable about guns help you pick one out if you don't already have one. They can point out stuff like the grip that will best fit your hand and other things like that.

My pistol is a mid size semi-automatic, so I have a lot of options for the concealed carry purse that I might use. I have been told that the style of your wardrobe is a great indicator as to what kind of concealed carry purse you might choose. My style of dress is casual for some of the time, very dressy some of the time, and what I would call “dressed up” for the rest of the time. I'm sure your style of dress may be similar or it may be different. I decided that the type of concealed carry bag that I wanted to purchase was one that would work well with casual dress. But I thought I could also use it in some cases when my style was a little dressier.

I feel most comfortable with a cross body style purse. So that is the only type that I looked at. Most of my casual clothes are slacks that I wear with pull-over shirts or blouses that button down the front. I like to wear the type that you don't tuck into your waistband. Sometimes I will wear a flare or pencil skirt. With all these I can use the cross body concealed carry purse that I purchased. As far as colors go, I picked black for my bag because it will go with anything. I can use the bag with casual outfits, but I can also use it with dressier outfits.

My choice of concealed carry purses was the Cross Body Concealed Carry Quilted Sac. It has a lot of storage space, and extra zipper compartments on the outside that are easy to access. For me it was the best choice.