Over The Shoulder

Over-the-Shoulder Concealed Carry Purses Are Popular

The over-the-shoulder concealed carry bag is very similar and can be confused with the crossbody bag.  The distinction between these two types of concealed carry purses is usually determined by the length of the handles that they have.  A strictly over-the-shoulder purse will have a strap that is only long enough to keep the bag next to the body under the arm.  A strictly crossbody concealed carry purse will have a strap that is long enough for the bag to be carried so that the strap crosses the body from one shoulder to an opposite hip.  Both bags are excellent at keeping the purse close to the body so that access to the concealed pistol is very easy. There are bags that meet both criteria of crossbody and over-the-shoulder.  These handbags have two straps.  This gives the owner the ability to switch from one type of carry to another very easily. In a lot of cases it is possible to remove the strap that is not being used by unclipping the end of the strap. Even more utility is built into some of the bags due to the fact that the straps are adjustable in length.  These characteristics have made these two bag types the most popular of concealed carry purses.

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