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Practiced Proficiency is Real Concealed Carry

Just think about your method of best conceal carry. You have a pistol and you got your concealed carry permit. So now you are certified by the state to carry a concealed pistol for self defense. You had to go through a training regime required by the state then complete the required testing to get your permit. More than likely those requirements were of a minimum nature. Once you have that concealed carry permit you need to keep your training ongoing to be efficient when the time comes to use it.

Pistol Instructor

More than likely your training with a pistol has consisted of a large percentage of range practice. My question to you is “Have you ever been made aware of an attacker who was standing completely still at a few feet away from someone who needed to protect themselves?” Of course not! Your training has to include not only accuracy with your pistol at more than one distance at fixed targets, but it also needs to include accuracy in various situations. If at all possible it should include practice at moving targets. If possible you should train by shooting in lower light. It may not be possible to train for accurate shooting in a crowded area, but this is an idea you should be concerned about. In some cases it may not be a good idea for you to bring your pistol out in a crowded situation where you could more harm than good by using it.

A new shooter sometimes develops a flinch in firing a pistol. This will cause a very inaccurate shot. It is usually caused by anticipation of the pistol firing while pulling the trigger. Redundant practice can help you to learn when your trigger pull will cause the pistol to fire. As time goes by your startle reflex will be reduced as you become less reactive to the pistol's noise. Your instructor should be able to help you in being able to get around this problem.

Understanding and use of accurate aiming is your goal when you practice. Each pistol will have a different sight alignment for an accurate shot. The sight picture for your pistol is something that you need to evaluate when you are purchasing a pistol. It's not a big deal, if you buy a pistol and don't know how to use the sights. This is something that you can learning from training and practicing. If you don't think you can be comfortable with the way the sights are used at finding the target, then maybe you should not buy that pistol. It may not be a problem if you are not comfortable at first, you will be able to learn how to use the sights of your chosen pistol. You have to also be concerned about your best conceal carry method. How will that impact your ability to shoot.

Since you got your pistol for concealed carry you should be sure to become proficient with drawing it from your concealed carry. This practice should not only include getting the pistol out of it's hidden location with speed, but also include shooting accurately after the draw. There is no way that anyone can anticipate the circumstances that an attack may occur, so it is important to train in as may situations as can be created. Don't expect to start carrying a concealed pistol without first being able to draw the gun and shoot it with accuracy. You know what that means – practice, practice, practice!! Build as many scenarios as possible, efficiency comes from repetition. That develops muscle memory, so you don't think about how to do it, you just do it from muscle memory!

Can't emphasize it enough, practice has to be an ongoing activity. If you practice a lot when you first get your pistol and concealed carry permit, you cannot expect to just stop and expect your proficiency to be at the same level a year later. This could create a very bad result if you have to use your pistol in defense and can't do it! Even tasks that you practiced enough to get to the point where you react from muscle memory will deteriorate over time if you don't continue performing the tasks. For the long haul you should set aside a time period in you schedule when you are going to practice. Get in a group of like minded people so it will keep your interest up, and go practice together.