Concealed Carry Purses

A Conceal and Carry Purse With a Pistol Inside is a Best Defense 

Stylish Concealed Carry Purses and Handbags for Women

Concealed carry purses for women from Pistol Packn Mama offer style and self protection for the discriminating woman. Each of these versatile concealment handbags is design by a woman for use by another woman.  Knowing the desires and needs of other women, the designers have made each of these self-protecting conceal carry bags the perfect fit for all occasions in a woman's life, from the very casual to the high style to the dressiest of occasions.  Among these styles there is the small concealed carry purse, the concealed carry tote, and the concealed carry crossbody bag.  The leather concealed carry purse along with the concealed carry shoulder bag are the most popular and most durable of our offerings. You must have the ability to have a carry gun with you at all times preferably in a gun holster or your concealed carry handbag. You can get a purse that is in vogue.



All of the concealed carry handbags are designed with self-protection and specifically concealed carry in mind.  These are not handbags that have been converted from normal purses to those that now have a concealed carry capability.  Each carry handbag was put together with full consideration for everyday utility that a woman needs while taking into account the need for self-protection from her concealed gun.  This includes a carry capability that is not visible, each bag has a gun compartment that but can be accessed immediately for a woman's protection and the protection of others. All our women's concealed carry purses are made to exacting specifications to meet the needs of any woman who is serious about self protection. Our wide range of casual to elegant concealed carry handbags will fill the need of dress for any occasion while making self-protection a high priority. Each has multiple pockets in the main compartment for other items. All have a gun pocket separate from other special pockets for such items as cell phones and other everyday items.

No woman desires to have to use the firepower of a handgun against anyone, but the present day environment has made it nearly a necessity to be ready to repel an attack at a moment's notice. The conceal carry purse gives a woman the ability to be independent and confident in her own self-protection. With the proper training and practice and possessing a women's concealed carry purse and a concealed gun inside it can be a very good insurance policy against harm against any woman or others around her. Our leather bags will help you solve the problem of self-protection. Each bag comes with a purse holster in the concealed compartment.

It is better for a woman to be prepared with the right concealed carry clothing to repel an attack than to be a victim of an attack that can ruin her life or worse.

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