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Rules for Use of Concealed Carry Handbags

When you have decided to carry your pistol in one of the concealed carry handbags it is important to evaluate the bags that you might use from your own perspective. You want to make sure that you acquire bags that have been designed specifically for concealed carry. Don't try to use a bag that has been converted to use for concealed carry. These bags usually don't give your the proper access to your pistol for a safe weapon draw. Concealed carry handbags should be designed specifically to carry your pistol. Proper bags have all the capabilities for handling everyday items, and your pistol separately. The main compartments for your everyday items have the proper pockets and organization to manage your stuff. Your purse will look like an ordinary purse, but will give you quick access to your pistol in its own compartment from zippered side openings. The best concealed purses allow you to carry left handed or right handed with no problem. You will be able to discreetly grip your pistol in its compartment without showing it to any one else.

The concealed compartment contains a holster that keeps your pistol in a proper position for you to draw it when you need to. The holster is attached to the inside of the compartment with Velcro, so you can adjust the angle of your holster to fit your draw angle. This allows you to make sure you can put your hand comfortably on the grip, but inside the compartment. The opening to your pistol will be next to your body, so you will be able to walk with your hand firmly on the pistol grip.

You should not try to carry your pistol in a bag that does not have a dedicated compartment for your pistol. You would have to put your pistol in with all your other stuff. It would only take the slight push of an item in the compartment against the trigger of your pistol to cause a tragedy. A purse that has a sewn-in holster can also put you at a disadvantage. You will have to modify your draw angle based on a fixed angle of the sewn-in holster. This can make it very awkward to get your pistol out, slowing your drawing speed. When you place your pistol into the holster of the concealed compartment the gun's trigger and guard should be covered by the holster. Only the handle of the pistol should be available for gripping. To setup the holster to a proper drawing angle, you should be able to pull the holster way from it's Velcro attachment in the compartment to adjust the angle to your exact drawing angle.

Most women prefer to have one of the concealed carry handbags that has long straps for over the shoulder or cross body carry. The straps have been reinforeced with steel cabling to eliminate slash-and-grab. With this type of bag it is easier to press the bag against your body for easier access to your pistol. These bags usually have adjustable straps so that the way the bag is carried can be changed by adjusting the strap length. A right handed person would carry an over the shoulder or cross body handbag on the left shoulder and vise versa. This allows access to the concealed compartment next to the body by the dominant hand. The cross body carry allow for both hands to be free, while the purse lays against the body. A cardinal rule is to keep your handbag in your possession when you have your pistol in it. Using the cross body bag carry can facilitate holding your bag at all times since both hands are free with this type carry.

The size of the pistol in relation to the size of the bag is important. It is obvious that a small concealed carry handbag cannot be used to carry a large pistol. It is important to have the size of the handbag and the opening of the concealed compartment be appropriate for the pistol that is being carried. You have to be able to draw your pistol quickly from the bag when you need it. Even though you may have a large concealed carry handbag to carry a large pistol, you must realize that a larger pistol will be slower than a smaller pistol to access. A larger pistol will make a large handbag heavy also. It is true that a large pistol will have increased knock-down power, but it's weight may be an encouragement for you to lay down your purse because of its weight. It is much better to have a pistol that is medium in weight and easier to continually carry. These pistols will have adequate defensive power for self protection. Your goal in being able to carry concealed is to have a handbag that is comfortable to carry with your pistol inside.